Fachgebiet Neuro-Informationstechnik

Technische Ausstattung

The Neuro-Information Technology (NIT) department is equipped with optical measuring devices for the acquisition of 3-d and motion parameters. In particular, besides high speed camera systems, active and passive stereo and multi-camera sensors are available as well as suitable hardware for processing.

A key element for simulation of artificial neural networks and simulations is the Beowulf computer cluster, which also receives requests beyond the NIT department. A current list of available hardware and software at the NIT department is the following:

  • Deep-Learning computer
  • Spherical camera system
  • Stereo camera systems with hardware processing
  • Time of flight camera system
  • Infrared camera & multispectral-camera
  • Active vision scanner with flash bulb
  • Software for camera calibration, ANNs, numerical computations and simulations
  • Lab for human-robot-collaboration (mobile & stationary)
  • Lab for human-computer interaction with a multi-sensor system (SFB-TRR62)
  • Multi-robot system
  • Set-up for pain analysis with multi-camera system and Nexus biodata gathering
  • Mobile assistance system with augmented reality (AR)
  • Setup for non-intrusive vital-parameter analysis with multispectral cameras

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